Monday, May 9, 2011

Men's Gold-tone thin Seiko quartz watch new in box

New in the box, a great father's day gift. It's a really gorgeous watch, but you'll have to have someone put in a battery for you.
That it's been sitting in my father's basement for so many years, and like all of the others, I'm sure it works. If it doesn't you can have a refund. These sold for $295.00 in his store.
Yours for a song.
  Make us an offer in the range of $50-100. 


  1. this is the moust beautiful wach in the world

  2. Wore that watch for years, so much sentimental value. Broken when a local jeweler tried to replace the batter and shut it without the battery seated correctly bending/screwing up everything inside. Loved that watch! So thin, so elegant. Haven't found the same since.


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