Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royal Doulton English Renaissance 6 fruit bowls and Minton Aragon pieces

All of this is new old stock, meaning it came from my father's gift shop, has never been used, but might have been on display.

The two, grouped together above are a perfect match, sublime lime and gold.  The Minton Aragon cup and saucer and dinner are cursively ornate.

 Minton is the perfect filler for Royal Doulton English Renaisssance, below.  Here you see 6 fruit/dessert bowls, 5-3/8"

We also found a two-handle cream soup bowl above, can't find it anywhere online.

We probably have more English Renaissance packed away, I'll be looking for it.  But for now we're offering the six soups (although they may be fruit bowls

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