Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MED ALERT bracelets

This jewelry can save a life. We'll engrave the bracelet for you.
Tell us what you exactly what you want it to say, and your wrist size ( a tape measure is handy for that).

It's new old stock, NOS, shiny but a modest piece of jewelry.

We'll ship it off within the week.

Laura Landro, front page, Personal Journal, Wall Street Journal, recommends it, and we think it's a great idea.

If someone you love (even you, maybe) has a health condition, specific allergies or implants, emergency medics need information. You should probably also carry a flash drive that contains everything they need to know in your wallet or purse. (Someone else will have to help you with that). But if your wallet isn't available, then a vintage bracelet at least serves as something of a warning.

It is important medical history, right there on your wrist, perhaps with emergency phone number, email, or website details on the back.

Prices start at $49.00, and don't go all that much higher. All depends upon the price for engraving the bracelet.

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