Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MED ALERT bracelets

This jewelry can save a life. We'll engrave the bracelet for you.
Tell us what you exactly what you want it to say, and your wrist size ( a tape measure is handy for that).

It's new old stock, NOS, shiny but a modest piece of jewelry.

We'll ship it off within the week.

Laura Landro, front page, Personal Journal, Wall Street Journal, recommends it, and we think it's a great idea.

If someone you love (even you, maybe) has a health condition, specific allergies or implants, emergency medics need information. You should probably also carry a flash drive that contains everything they need to know in your wallet or purse. (Someone else will have to help you with that). But if your wallet isn't available, then a vintage bracelet at least serves as something of a warning.

It is important medical history, right there on your wrist, perhaps with emergency phone number, email, or website details on the back.

Prices start at $49.00, and don't go all that much higher. All depends upon the price for engraving the bracelet.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Goebel, Hummel Cheeky Fellow, Hummel- I didn't do it, Goebel A Sweet Offering

(1) Ich war’s nicht I didn’t do it

At the Holiday Gallery we describe him like this:
He’s guilty, holding a stick or a bat behind his back. Long pants with suspenders, signature orange bandana around his neck. A little belligerent, a little scared.

M.I.HUMMEL CLUB USA;Goebel Plaza, P.O. Box 11 Pennington, NJ 08534-0011
W. Germany: Coburger Str. 7. D-8633 Residential
Hum 626
14.2cm/ 5 and 5/8 ”
INV#0004 (theINV# is ours).

(2) Ein suer Trost A Sweet Offering

We at the Holiday Gallery describe her like this:

Sweet little girl carrying a gift in brown paper, perhaps flowers, in a brown shift with a long-sleeved blouse. Brown shoes, beige socks. Just love me, she’s saying.#172

M.I.HUMMEL CLUB USA;Goebel Plaza, P.O. Box 11 Pennington, NJ 08534-0011
W. Germany: Coburger Str. 7. D-8633 Residential
Hum 549/3/0 01-549-30-2

Frechdachs Cheeky Fellow

We at the Holiday Gallery describe him like this:
Full-cheeked, lng-lashed, curl on top of his head, an apple in his right hand, his left tugging at his shirt, signature orange scarf, brown jacket, shorts and black shoes, he’s pleased with himself.

M.I.HUMMEL CLUB USA;Goebel Plaza, P.O. Box 11 Pennington, NJ 08534-0011
W. Germany: Coburger Str. 7. D-8633 Residential
Hum 554 01-554-01—3
10.5cm/ 4 and 1/8”

And finally, the one who has luck#:

We describe him like this:
One hand in his pocket, one on his lapel, cap and jacket. What's to worry about?

INV #2
M.I.HUMMEL CLUB USA;Goebel Plaza, P.O. Box 11 Pennington, NJ 08534-0011
W. Germany: Coburger Str. 7. D-8633 Residential
#174 Hum 560 01-626-01-9
14.2cm/ 4 and 1/8 ”

All of the figurine above were made by Goebel for the M.I. Hummel Club.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tis the Season to think BELLS

We're getting close. Take a look at some of these holiday bells. All of them sold for $30-$40.00 in the seventies. We're giving them away, a recession present for you, NEW OLD STOCK, $35.00 each. You have to pay for shipping, however, so add another $9.99.

Schmid Bros, TELL THE HEAVENS, Sister Berta Hummel, artist, 1986 Collector Bell 177-814.
At the time it cost $45.00.

This XMAS bell, STARLIGHT ANGEL, even older, 1979, also NEW OLD STOCK (everything is), also by Schmid Bros, rendered by Sister Berta Hummel, the artist.

Below, Schmid Bros., "Heavenly Trio" 1978 Sister Berta Hummel, artist. Seventh Limited Edition, copyright Schmid Bros, Inc 1977.

And just for fun,

A cherubic Mother's Day Bell. Maybe you missed it. It's not too late :)
More to come. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage LeCoultre, NOS

Talk about a find. This one's going straight to the vault for safe-keeping!

The tag in the video that says it is 14K Gold Case did not belong to this watch, sorry!

It's NOS, believe it or not. I think it's early because it doesn't have "Jaeger" on it, and the word "automatic" is under the "Le Coultre" above the center. It works beautifully and has a springy stainless steel band with a great deal of style and detail. The box is simply beautiful. I know they can run for $300, just the box!

If you know more, let me in on it. Thanks!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Royal Doulton

Above is the simple Chalet pattern. We have only one dinner plate.

But below, in ANGELIQUE, we have the dinner, the salad, and a cup and saucer. The two are paired in a buy one, get one free on EBAY.

Above, ROYAL DOULTON, the CLAIRMONT pattern. We have one dinner plate.

Above, ROYAL DOULTON, the COTILLION pattern. We have one dinner plate.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More OXFORD bone china Oxford Midsummer, Oxford Wakefield, Oxford Summerfield, Oxford Foxcroft,

The better LENOX, it's called, this bone china does not wear, from this china-lover's experience.

For sale below on EBAY are NEW OLD STOCK, no chips, no wear, never used.






GORHAM-- theGorham JOLIE and Gorham TRELLIS patterns

ABOVE, the TRELLIS pattern, absolutely stunning, with a gold rim, probably 14 K.

BELOW, the JOLIE floral pattern, a little different, but also, gold rim, no nicks, perfect, MINT, never used.

English Aynsley Onyx, Aynsley Cottage Garden,

Above, the Onyx pattern. That's the dinner plate. I also have the cup and saucer, will post it another day. Not a chip, not a scratch. None of this china has ever been used, and has been stored safely for many years.

Above, the Cottage Garden salad, all we have, sorry.

Forget Me Not is the name of the pattern, and it is unforgettable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Vintage Tissot

I can't believe I found this among the store's remnants. It's a Tissot "Trusted for Accuracy since 1853. My father replaced the band, so even though I thought it was NOS, it probably isn't. It's stainless, not gold-tone. I'm sorry, one day I'll buy a camera with a flash. The high sheen, however, should tell you that there's a very new feel to this watch. The crystal isn't scratched, and there are minimal scratches on the back.

That sun is truly something.

But the band is vintage, too, and new! A crocodile, maybe. The leather is stamped Accutron, and the clasp has the Accutron logo.

Avanti, new and modern

This is considered the REAL man's watch, and if you wear it you can understand why. It's solid, feels substantial. Works perfectly, new in the box, this particular Avanti is hard to find. It is not discolored, like it looks in the picture, but is perfectly stainless stainless steal.