Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doing Some Inventory-- Lenox

Here are the patterns we carry, but we don't have full place settings of very many of them. If you need a replacement for a plate, let us know in the comments or email:



Make Name
Lenox Beacon Hill
Lenox Biltmore
Lenox Black Royale
Lenox Bradford
Lenox Brentwood
Lenox Carolina
Lenox Chesapeake
Lenox Cinderella
Lenox Desire
Lenox Fairfield
Lenox Fair Lady
Lenox Forever
Lenox Fresh Meadow
Lenox Gramercy
Lenox Helmsley
Lenox Majesty
Lenox Mansfield
Lenox May Flowers
Lenox Medley
Lenox Melanie
Lenox Memoir
Lenox Memories
Lenox Merrivale
Lenox Monticello
Lenox Mystique
Lenox Noblesse
Lenox Oslo
Lenox ChinaStone Poppies on Blue
Lenox Queen's Garden
Lenox Raleigh
Lenox Red Laquer
Lenox Rhythm
Lenox Rutledge
Lenox Serenade
Lenox Shalimar
Lenox Springdale
Lenox Spring Violets
Lenox Tableau
Lenox Temple Blossom
Lenox Tyler
Lenox Westwood
Lenox Wheat
Lenox Wyndcrest


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