Sunday, June 20, 2010

Royal Doulton Winthrop

You can't find it anywhere else, probably.

But some things you surely can.

Royal Douton Winthrop dinner plate

Brand new, never been used.

But no new box, sorry. this stock is called NOS. Meaning it's new, but it's old, so the box collected dust mites over time.

Most of this inventory is NEW OLD STOCK, items from a gift shop long retired. I found it in the basement, cleaned it up, and now, with his permission, I hope, can do what he couldn't do, sell it to you. Unfortunately, I only have one or two of each piece. There are hundreds of pieces.

So this will take time.

If you were married in the seventies and eighties, it's likely you picked through the patterns you'll find here. Brands like Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Minton, Pickard, Gorham, Lenox, Rosenthal. If you're missing pieces, you might get lucky here.

Holidays are cash cows for gift shops, so we have Mothers Day plates, Valentines Day plates, and Xmas plates. For some reason these makers were into the Olympics, so we have vintage Olympian plates, too.

And bells, galore, some porcelain, some silver.

Jinga linga ling.

Lots of things really look expensive. And in some stores they are expensive, especially new. But here, because we're cleaning out the basement, going down memory lane, we just want to get rid of them. So they're cheap. Vintage. Cheap. New. And what could be better than that?

Happy hunting,

Replacements 4 Less

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