Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mikasa French Countryside Mugs #8

These are lightly used.

French Countryside Mikasa mugs

Friday, September 11, 2015

Edward Wormley Dunbar Chair

The real thing, we hope. We're checking it out.

Take a look at the Edward Wormley website, the design of the Dahlia Lounge, in particular. See the button, the curve of the back of the chair, the arms?

There are other Dunbar chairs for sale at other places,, and (First Dibs). 
But this chair beats them all, in our humble opinion.  

Dunbar chair
Dunbar chair front

 Here's a link to Edward Wormley, the designer. video

The chair is in fantastic condition, but it does need to be recovered.

Serious offers only, please.

Dunbar chair back

Dunbar chair swivel on bottom

Dunbar chair swivel 

Side view swivel Dunbar chair

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aynsley Bald Eagle Bi-centenarian 1976 Perfect LARGE

This amazing bald eagle is really museum worthy, in fact, should be at a state park somewhere in glass. The Aynsley collectible was molded for the American bi-centenarian celebration, a special edition.  It is not a small piece.

Our eagle has been protected from the environment! He hasn't a scratch, not a nick. Perfectly preserved over time, this elegant conversation piece is gorgeous, rich in detail, a perfect addition to any collection or decor.

The eagle is rare, a proud bird, as should be his owner.

Buy him now, $2000.00, but you have to pay shipping.  Other sellers are asking for $2800.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lenox Tudor Meat Tray-- like new

It is grand.  16.5 inches by 12 inches, this holds a nice-sized brisket (or whatever your pleasure).

It is used, but not scratched and looks new, really.

We have other Lenox Tudor pieces, too.  Ask for them.

Saint Louis Apollo Old Fashion NEW

Saint Louis Apollo Gold Double Old Fashion

DOLD Old Fashioned     3 7/8

These cost over $200.00 retail.  Make me a reasonable offer for the two of them.  You won't be sorry.  They're simply gorgeous.

Waterford Crystal NEW Kylemore Old Fashions

               OLDM1 Fashioned   3 5/8 9 oz.  Brand new, no box however, sorry.  We only have 2 of them left.

Oxford Cortina bone china Gold and Cobalt Rare- Stunning

Now this is sheer elegance. Simply the top of the line, always was, and now that it is nearly impossible to find, quite the motherlode. Definitely our favorite of all of our stock from the seventies and eighties.

We have (and these are conservative estimates, there might be more):
9 dinners
11 salads
11 cups, 9 saucers
12 soups

It is used, but hardly, and it shows virtually no wear. This china is for serious shoppers only, meaning it may not feel like a bargain when you hear our quotes. We will sell cups and saucers separately, and maybe other items. Let us know what you need.